Most high net worth individuals in North India thought of Audi as an upstart trying to break into the pantheon of luxury cars. In their view, Audi barely qualified. In badge value, it ranked a distant number three after Mercedes and BMW. This impression was formed only because they had never seen the Audi in action.

To entice them – get them behind the wheel – was the challenge. Numbers were crucial as well. The more people exposed to the Audi experience, the more widespread the chatter and the buzz. Coaxing people for a test drive at the Audi showroom launch was the task at hand.

Twohmp’s clutterbreaking solution: A dictionary

The team at twohmp brainstormed hard to crack this. The idea was to create a personal experience for each who is a potential future customer. Celebrity engagement was ruled out, digital activity was not a possibility and a generic engagement with audience was too clichéd. Several rounds of thinking, re-thinking, coffee, evaluation, re-evaluation and presentations were done.  At last the team conceived the idea of dictionary. The invitation to the event took the form of an Oxford dictionary. The dictionary’s loose cover featured an Audi A8 at high speed and said: ‘No word in the dictionary describes this experience’

Six Audi models were unveiled at Audi Gurgaon – over cocktails and dinner. The dictionary was to become a collector’s item. Phone calls requesting copies kept pouring in long after the event was over.


1200 dictionaries went out to high net worth individuals; the turn-out was well in excess of 90%. Cars were test-driven and several orders were booked in the span of three hours.

The long-term impact: Nobody ever throws away a dictionary. Several years later, the invitation still serves as a reminder to those who received it.

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