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E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is a simple, fast and strong channel to cater to thousands of audience in a matter of seconds, if used effectively. All successful business have a defined email marketing strategy to expand their business and increase their customer base. The main objective is to enhance the business–client relationship, to acquire new users and to increase sales.

We have been running drip campaigns for our clients and have found it to be a useful tool. However, there are limitations like data availability, bounce rate, open rate etc. but in spite of this email marketing continues to be part of the digital ecosystem.

Engagement is critical for ensuring your email campaign earns the kind of results you’re looking for. If no one opens your email, then certainly no one’s reading it either, which means your opportunity is wasted.

Plus, sending emails only to have them end up in spam folders or go to non-existent addresses can negatively impact your sender reputation. This hurts the reputation of your IP, which, in turn, lowers your deliverability even further.

We have exploited it through innovative content and an excuse to generate data. Rest assured whichever medium you chose, with us everything will come with a value.

Twohmp has a proven record of successfully providing email campaign service provider in Gurgaon to several companies over the years. We can confidently assert that our email services are crafted for our client’s success.