The task was to introduce select premium teas from Choladi (a small hamlet in the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu) in the International market.  These are high quality Hot & Cold Water Soluble Black and Green Tea Powders enhanced with anti-oxidant properties. These teas can be used to produce premium products. To launch these premium tea packages in the global market uniquely and promote their features to consumers was quite arduous.

Twohmp’s unique solution:Tea through dance

Tea is found in all households and a new brand is advertised almost everyday. Twohmp had to think of an out-of-the-box idea that would get etched in the minds of customers. Tea tasting sessions, visit to tea gardens, tea slogan contests, unique packaging- All ideas were thought of and trashed soon. It had to be unique like the tea itself. And then Bharatnatyam came to the team’s rescue. 

What possibly would convey the uniqueness of each tea is an expression and what better way than portraying expression through Bharatanatyam? All four varieties of tea were linked with Bharatanatyam mudras. Each mudra was a reflection of the key characteristic of each variant.

The brochure carried samples of each variant.


Art lovers loved it and those inclined towards dance forms could comprehend the association very easily.  The launch event was one of the most memorable events for Nestle. 

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