Cause Marketing for Fenesta

The Brand

FENESTA comes under the aegis of the prestigious 128 years old, Rs. 7771 Crore DCM Shriram Group. Fenesta, a pioneer in the Windows & Doors Category, is also leader with over 2.5 million windows across millions of homes across 327 cities in India, Bhutan and Nepal. The brand Net worth is over Rs. 700 crores.

The Brief

For over 15 years, Fenesta has been providing Noise and Dust free homes through its innovative high-performance products, helping improve lifestyle of millions across India. Over the years, Fenesta through its targeted campaigns has stood against the key pollutants which invade homes taking away the much-needed peace and tranquility. According to research, people switch to Fenesta due to various reasons, however, Noise always tops the list. 

The Alarming Situation: 3 cities of India are among the World’s Nosiest 

  • Noise pollution is an often-overlooked source of environmental stress that can raise your risk of serious health conditions, including heart disease. Research has shown that there has been an increase in hearing loss in adolescents during the past three decades. What is even more frightening is that a loss of hearing may go undetected for many years after chronic exposure to high levels of noise. The effects of particles from air pollution are largely to do with inflammation, whereas noise exposure increases stress levels leading to physiological arousal, such as raised heart rate and blood pressure.
  • These health problems can affect all age groups, especially children. Many children who live in a noisy environment have been found to suffer from stress and other problems

Key Strategic Questions:

  • Since Fenesta has stood against noise for over a decade, can we take it forward to start a movement?
  • Can we create a ‘Social Property’ beyond the brand story?
  • Can we trigger a thought which can start a movement against noise?
  • Can we own an idea which can be sustained, expanded and make an impact in fighting the most unnoticed pollutant?

The Idea:

There is enough research to illustrate how constant exposure to noise can affect our physical and emotional health. But the real issue is that we always blame each other. It’s never us but them. We started this movement to bring about a change which begins with us. We urged people to Share their Voice against Noise.  Do their bit and Be part of the movement.


Communication Strategy:

Highlight the situations arising out of most common behavioral and cultural practices which have become the biggest contributor of the rising level of noise in the cities across India. Break the mindset of – Not-me-but-them- attitude to pass the message based on facts to make it authentic and amicable


    Fenesta Windows


    Shut The Shor

  • Tone of voice: Friendly with responsibility
  • Knock off Authoritarian approach so that it does not become cliché

Roll out Strategy:

  • A 360-degree plan focusses on building awareness, creating engagement and making impact
  • With an end objective to have it owned by people


Shut The Shor Campaign reached  a record number of people organically in the phase one since it was launched in November 2019

    • The campaign started with RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi celebrating a Shorless Diwali with Differently able kids (Deaf & Dumb), the video got over 6,000 views in a couple of days
    • The launch had full page Ad in The Times of India- Delhi NCR edition on Page 5
  • The Film on Shut the shor has over 240,000 views on YouTube as of date
  • And Over 7 Lakh views on Facebook
  • Over 1000 signed petition to stop noise at their level, the count continues to grow
  • Engagement level on various social media channels through contest reached over 100,000 people with over 30,000 of them actively engaged
  • The brand got free PR worth 50 lakhs across media pan India in just 3 months

The campaign also awarded at  ET Now Start of the Industry Awards as Best Marketing Campaign  

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