360º Strategy for China Tourism

  • The holiday destination closet to Indians was also the farthest from their mind. Indian families were flying in droves to the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the US, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, everywhere but China. The perception? ‘China has nothing to offer beyond Shanghai, Beijing and the Great Wall’. 
  • The challenge was to break down that great wall of ignorance and divert traffic from traditional destinations. This was achieved with limited funds: less than $ 200,000

The Solution
If it’s on your mind, it’s in China: History, culture, religion (Buddhism), sport (Golf in particular), beaches, mountains, spas, resorts, cruises, recreation, theatre, flora and fauna, food and drink, nightlife and shopping. The sheer diversity of China makes it far more compelling than traditional holiday destinations.


It takes only a short flight to reach ‘the land of thousand pleasures’. This singular message was drummed across media: Print, digital, outdoor, radio, posters at airports and metro stations, events at malls and sponsored golf tournaments. Contests on radio generated web traffic in record numbers.

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    China Tourism


    China Tourism

The Outcome

China has become the second most favored overseas destination for Indian holidaymakers. 15% more Indians visited China in the first two quarters of 2013-14 than they did in the corresponding period last year

A CNBC Best Campaign Award was just an icing on the cake!