What are the best content marketing trends for the covid-19 pandemic outbreak?

September 23, 2020
September 23, 2020 admin
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What are the best content marketing trends for the covid-19 pandemic outbreak?

The Covid-19 pandemic not only changed the consumer behavior but also affected marketing trends. Content strategies before the pandemic situation are no longer relevant due to the change in consumer priorities and demands. Here are the best content marketing trends to follow during the pandemic.

Focus On Social Responsibility
Covid-19 has highlighted the need for social responsibility more than ever before. The scale of this crisis means that brands cannot ignore the disturbance it has brought to their business. In the past a number of brands had stayed away from social responsibility in their content strategy.

Content strategy in the current times includes messages like “we follow adequate safety measures while manufacturing” or “our plastic free packaging is a step towards protecting the planet”. This builds trust and credibility among the end-users.

Define And Create Awareness On Organization Goals
Lots of businesses either extended their functional area or changed their business goals/operations to meet the pandemic needs. For instance, a chemical manufacturing company started producing hand sanitizers or a fabric retailer made safety masks. Consumers should be made aware of this shift or addition in business. since they are the ones to gain the most from it. This helps the business emerge as a provider of alternative ideas and solutions to
current challenges.

Virtual Gatherings
With the pandemic compelling people to distance them socially, virtual gatherings or meetings has emerged as the current trend. Not only business meetings are conducted through Zoom or Airmeet but entertainment, education, wellness or even cooking classes are conducted online.
Brands are inviting people for online shopping experience or virtual tours. This offers a unique experience and people enjoy creative content. Virtual conferences, online workshops or e-festivals are the latest content marketing trend worth investing in.

Collaboration Is The Key
The key to successfully create quality content during this time is collaboration. People are coming together to share what they are good at. Businesses and customers are collaborating with each other to share tips, tricks and ideas. Great brand stories are woven through influencers spreading the word. This trend emphasizes on helping and supporting people during such tough times.

SEO-Centric Content
Google search algorithms constantly change, especially during the pandemic emergency. Keeping this algorithm in mind is a crucial component of content marketing. The stage begins with finding the right keyword that helps determine the search intent. The trend asks to focus on what the readers/consumers want to see thereafter content should be built around it. As a specimen, travel influencers or agencies, who are unable to travel are creating content like tips for safe travel during COVID or pictures of vacant tourist spots are photographers’ delight.
These brands are attempting to stay relevant to the current scenario with the correct SEO

Trends and strategies change rapidly every day. However, difficult times like these, brands have to evolve faster than ever. If your search for content marketing service in Gurgaon seems never-ending, look no further than Twohmp. Our creative team, while working remotely, has it thinking caps on and churns out relevant content for brands that need a slingshot to confront the Goliaths of their business.

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