5 ways SEO help a business grow during a pandemic

September 23, 2020
September 23, 2020 admin
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5 ways SEO help a business grow during a pandemic

The year 2020 has been registered in history as the year of unexpected events and global crisis. Blame it on the COVID19 pandemic that had made the world come to a standstill. The outbreak is not only a public health emergency but a major economic emergency as well. This has by now caused enormous losses to several businesses; a situation similar to the 2008 recession. In the light of such a predicament, industries must pivot their strategies and emphasize on SEO. Why SEO? Because it would help them stay afloat and reach to a larger target audience with minimum investment.

5 ways SEO help a business grow during a pandemic

5 ways SEO help a business grow during a pandemic

Here are five ways how SEO can prove to be beneficial for business growth during the pandemic:

1. Higher Online Search : As the world is restricted from physical movement, the time spent on internet has increased by many folds. SEO, if strategized proficiently, can drive traffic to websites and connect to relevant audience. During the time of pandemic, businesses must consider paid searches to stay on top of pages and mind. E-commerce giant Amazon made best use of SEO to run paid campaigns especially for health and sanitization products. Pro tip- Search is easy to measure.

2. Gives better user experience : SEO empowers companies with responsive themes and smooth interface. These are important elements of website that play crucial role in business outreach. Imagine a slow website with a haywire navigation not optimized for mobile viewing. Together this spells disaster and causes high bounce rates. SEO enable to improve on all these areas, cutting down on bounce rates, increased user time spent and in return higher profits. The best-case scenarios are the OOT platforms that have climbed the ranking charts during this emergency.

3. Local outreach : With the pandemic limiting people to their homes or homegrown areas, it is evident for firms to grow their business locally. From updated working hours to latest offers, local traders can make a significant impact by letting consumers know what has changed. This includes circulating information on availability of products/services, measures taken to stay safe, price updates and so on. SEO helps in doing this through platforms like Yellow pages or Google business. International movement has almost gone zero. Hence going local through SEO is the way to earn revenue.

4. Improves traffic : SEO practices have evolved will remain consistent. If entities invest in the right keywords and focus on relevant niches, they are more likely to earn post the situation recovers. Working towards relevant information and reaching customers through paid campaigns are the means to get higher traffic. Remember, SEO gains are long-term. You need not spend a fortune for this. Just find a good SEO marketing company that can shoulder the responsibility capably.

5. Builds brand image : A solid SEO strategy can help build an establishment’s online authority and imagery. A good SEO plan includes review of products or services and engage with customers. This builds trust and increases social presence. Best case examples are review platforms like Facebook business pages, Google my business page or a thank you email to customers who made the purchase. Please note, during these times of uncertainty, social proof matters the most.

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind and you would agree SEO stands as an important tool for business. As you create content for your organization’s website or social media and optimize it to reach out to a larger audience, Twohmp helps you achieve your target quite effortlessly. Ranked as the best SEO company in Gurgaon, we offer tailor-made SEO plans for you to meet your goals in the short run as well as after the testing times are over.

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