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Pay Per Click (PPC) can take your business to a next level by bringing your brand on the first page of all search engines.

We at Twohmp formulate tailor made strategies so as to meet the requirements of our clients. What makes us one of the most reliable pay per click agencies is our in-depth knowledge and our eagerness to learn new things. Our Pay Per Click services include Adwords Advertising, Video Advertising, Display Ads, PPC, Remarketing and Social Advertising.

Google Ad Words has borne fruit for many business entities. And this is how it will prove beneficial for you.

# Reaching your customer when they are already looking for your stuff.
# Geo-Targeting with Google Ad Words – You chose who sees your ads and when.
# Targeting only relevant searchers so you get the best results.
# Retargeting – Once a customer has shown interest in your product or service. You can showcase your business to them to help make a decision in your favour.
# Cost effective – Your get to decide how much money you want to spend and only pay for traffic on your site not when the ads are displayed.
# ROI-centric – You can calculate the worth of your money by using auto generated reports to understand (CPC) Cost Per Click, (CTR) Click Through Rate, (CPA) Cost Per Acquisition.

Paid Search Advertising

PPC search advertising can earn your business positive ROI. But then the money needs to be spent strategically to get the best results.

PPC Remarketing

We know how to convert our potential customers into the loyal ones. Our PPC team devises effective strategies to meet our clients’ needs, and that paves their way for success.

Social Advertising

In this competitive era, brand awareness of an organization is paramount. And here we are to develop an excellent social advertising strategy that will take your business to great heights.

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